Balkan Roadtrip – Kosovo

From Albania we continued to Kosovo via Macedonia. As I mentioned in the Albania post, we were pretty low on cash and just made it over the boarder. In Macedonia we drove straight to the first Gas -Station. It seemed to take forever. We even stopped to pour in the last bit of gas we had in our safety can and just made it in time. Uffh! Here in Macedonia you could pay by card and the station shops are full of stuff to buy. HEAVEN I’m telling you. That’s when you realize how poor a country is. Macedonia felt so civilized compared to Albania. I never noticed until we got out of the country. We visited Ohrid a charming little city right a the Ohrid lake and full of History. I think they have 365 churches scattered over the city. We enjoyed a great meal and since we didn’t find a nice camping spot, we just parked our car at a gas station next to the trucks and slept there.

Anjas Boyfriend Liridon is from Kosovo, like many people here in Switzerland. He organized that we could go visit his family which is really, really nice! They don’t speak German or that much English so we used google translate to talk to each other. That was funny. They made us their traditional food but didn’t eat themselves. Later we found out it was ramadan, which we were absolutely not aware of. That night they lead us up to a cabin all the way up the mountains where we could stay for the night. There was only a very steep rocky path trough the forest, so we were lucky to have this car otherwise we would have never made it up to the shepherds cabin. It was super fogy as you can see on the photos. We had actually planed to do some hiking the next day, but since we could hardly see, we stopped after 1 hour and went back. It was kind of scary, because you didn’t know the place but you did know, that it had wolves. I always imagined that one was suddenly standing in front of me and wondered how I would handle that.

Since Ferizaj is the city Liridon comes from we did a little detour to the city. We bumped into a huge grocery store in the city and did some crazy shopping. They had all the familiar international brands like Nivea, Dove, cilit bang ect. just a lot cheaper. It was so unexpected because Albania didn’t have those things and we thought Kosovo would be even more poor, but it was actually more developed from what I could tell.  We also ate at a really good restaurant called Adriani. A pizza was 2.50 Euros, crazy right!


  1. Oh it was obviously really an adventure!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena