Balkan Roadtrip – Next Stop Croatia

From Venice we continued to Croatia. Our first camping was in Rovinj, right at the beach with a water taxi to the old town. This was a place I had never heard of before and since my boyfriend did most of the research on Croatia, I had no Idea what to expect. The little town was so charming and beautiful. Rustic old houses, cute little alleys to get lost in and tiny hidden restaurants all over the place.

From Rovinj we continued to Plitvička, which I was super exited about. This is a destination I picked out from Pinterest. The problem is, I’m not the only person on Pinterest. Its beautiful but a beehive for tourists. Unfortunately there is only a small path between the water falls and since everyone stopped to take pictures you had to patiently wait to pass. Honestly I was tempted to just push everyone into the water. Eventuellaly we took the extra long route, so we could have some peace without all the people.
The route driving to Plitvička ended up being the best experience. It’s just so beautiful with all the bridges flying over the valleys. I used to work in a film production company where I often had to to location scouting. So while driving, I kept thinking this would have been a great place to film a car ad. We left Plitvička just when the sun started to set. That was so magical, just us, the nature and the road. We took a turn from the main road into a bumpy path and found a little nest for our car. That was the first time we did wild camping. It’s actually not allowed in Croatia, so we had to find a spot, where no on could see us.
We cooked on the stove thats mounted to our back door and slept inside the car instead on top in the tent. It’s faster than building up the tent and we didn’t want to draw any attention to us. This was also the first time we used the shower in our car. It’s actually just a hose attached to a big canister. Literally just standing out there in nature, showering with that hose. The water was cold as F***  and I was always kind of nervous if a farmer would show up.That would have been really awkward.
We left right after sunrise to prevent that happening and continued to Sibenik for breakfast and that headed over to split to catch the ferry. While waiting for the next departure we strolled trough the ancient city. I did take many photos, because sometimes I feel pictures don’t do justice to the place. It was mid-day and the sun was way to strong to make nice photos anyways.
The ferry took us to Hvar a beautiful island close to the Croatian coast. We stayed in a really cool camping. See the drohn foto of me laying next to the clear water! We had lots of fun swimming and playing with the drohn. Our new little toy. (Jep, Video coming up!)  There were also a  lot of  Off-road trails on that island. I think they were meant to be used by  bikers, but we had an off-road car, so why not go for it. It was such a nice quite place, we should have stayed there an other day.

But we continued to Dubrovnik with a layover in Bosnia and Herzegovina (that I’ll show you in a different post). As I said, I didn’t do to much research on Croatia in general, I’ve heard of Dubrovnik, but had no Idea what to expect. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site! It’s magical, but like all magical places, to many tourists.To bad, cause it takes aways the charm. Id love to go back in November when it’s cooler and has less people. That would be amazing. I’s a huge castle with a big historic center. Charming like venice but in it’s own way. We had a wonderful stroll in the rear alleys, ate lunch and that quickly left for a more calm place.


  1. Wowwww mega Bilder soooooo en coole Post!!!

  2. It makes me so happy to see these photos, Croatia is my old home country and a place where I grew up at. Seems like you have truly enjoyed your trip. 🙂