Balkan Roadtrip – Romania

Most people think Romania is on the poorest country in Europe but actually it’s quite developed. Well at least compared to Albania, Macedonia and Bulgaria. The place to go is the bran Castel where Graf Dracula used to live. This is were the writer Bram Stoker got his inspiration for the Novel “Dracula” . The story it’s self is just fiction but you can see how the real ruler Vlad Impaler lived. Thats really cool to see. Bran was really cloudy and fogy which kind of fit to the Dracula mood. I wonder if the clouds generally remain hanging there because of the mountains.
We really need to wash our cloth, so despite the rain we got it washed and hung it up over night in the lounge area. It didn’t really get dry, so when we left we had to hang it up in the car.  We always made jokes that we could now pull the curtains (t-shirt) if we were annoyed by each other. The running gag of the day.