Blakan Roadtrip – Bulgaria

Bulgaria ist a huge country and actually worth it’s own road trip. Unfortunately we didn’t have that time and just did a bigger drive trough. Our first stop was the Rila a famous eastern orthodox monastery in the middle of nowhere. Full of colorful paintings and my favorite part the black and white stripes. Something quite uncommen for a spiritual place like this.  A very nice place, but I hated the camping there. I can’t really tell you why, it as just a really weird place. the owners were strange and so where the campers. Our camping spot was in the middle of the field, so we felt quite disposed and it was just so cold the water was freezing and just the whole place was really awkward  and shabby.

I was happy to leave and continue to Kazanlak. It was a long ride to see the rose valley and when we got there they were already harvested. My Boyfriend also got a really bad hay fever (Heuschnupfen) because we camped in the middle of a wild flower field. We found out the Kazanlak is also known for the Thracian Tombs that belongs to a group of Indo-European tribes somewhere around 400-500 BC that hardly anything is known about. Also there is a big war monument we hiked up to called the National Park-Museum of Shipka.

Devetashaka cave
Next stop in Bulgaria was the devetashaka cave. Now this place was a big surprise for us. We were kind of down from the bad camping, the cold and the hay fever and than we got to this place. Hardly a person in sight, we stood in this amazing cave all by our selfs, totally in awe of it. It was soo cool, a huge gigantic cave all to our selves. We walked in as far as we could and kept finding new interesting things. A place we can really recommend.

From there we drove to Romania.The boarder a really funny experience. We keep looking for the border to take the ferry but the navigation kept taking us to this left behind industrial ground. We ended up asking one of the guys from the factory and he told us to drive all the way into the factory areal. There were 2-3 other cars waiting so we assumed we were right. Not a single person in the little “boarder cabins” but the other people told us to just wait. We ended up waiting more than 1 our. The boarder police eventually came from there lunch break and than every  took forever. Every truck coming and going had to show it’s documents and be weighed. It took forever. The ferry ride was only 15 minutes and on the Romanian side everything was super fast and professional.


  1. Beautiful place