Cold days approaching

Cold days approaching

Sweater and Jeans: Vero Moda

Days are getting colder and the cloth warmer. This Sweater has become one of my best friends lately. Perfect to trough over when you’re running out of the house, looks a little shabby but I like that. 
Last two days I enjoyed some time with my boyfriend. Went to this wonderful spa, where we decided we would have our private one at home one day 🙂 Shopping, eating, cuddling under our warm blankets, watching movies and not thinking about any errands that should be done.


  1. uaauu!!you look amazing!love your style…will follow u from now on.
    And thanks for your comments on mine. 🙂

  2. Such nice pics! love that sweater.. and your style!!
    Following you 😉

  3. looks very comfy!
    i got one questin… where did you get that bag?

    xxx Kelly

  4. great sweater, shoes and bag!

  5. i adore this outfit!
    you look so stunning!

  6. wow so pretty!! oO

  7. lovely !