Zara shoes, denim and shirt
White denim with a blue fade in it, definitely makes a daily outfit more interesting. Wearing just a simple Zara blouse to it. 
This is going to be one of those most worn pieces especially with fall coming up. 
I can’t wait for fall. Sounds stupid, but my school is starting than and I am really really excited. I’m so eager to learn all these new thing about filming, editing, music, social media. All things I’m really into and are part of the schedule! Yeah


  1. amazing 🙂 see you again:)

  2. Ahh how did I miss these jeans??
    I need to go to Zara more often!

  3. I love all this pics!you have a great style that i like so much!
    and your blog looks so cute!
    I hope you can check my blog too and follow me if you like it!

  4. love your trousers! need to D.I.Y. them!

  5. Thanks for the comment on my blog beautiful! Love those pants!
    Following you via GFC, would love for you to follow back! xx

  6. Ich mag die bluse sehr.