Hawaii II

We were super aktiv during our time in Oahu. Since we were jet legged we always got up at 6AM and kept it like that for the full 3 weeks.  In the morning we would usually head out to some beach or do some kind of hike and in the evenings we’d go sunset surfing at Waikiki beach.  One of my favorite trips was to electric beach. Dolphins swim in that area, so if you paddle out on your surf board your very likely to see them.  We saw a dolphin boat tour in the water so we headed out to them to ask where the dolphins are. I was getting really tired paddling since I’m not a very practiced surfer and don’t  have those strong arms, but suddenly the whole swarm of dolphins were swimming right around us and when I looked under my Surfboard I could see 10-20 Dolphins! It was crazy!
We also went to Lanikai beach, known as one of the most beautiful beaches on Oahu.  It’s  true the beach is very long, wide and has soft sand and beautiful blue water. We went there twice.
The Makapu tide Pools were also a fun experience. You have to go off the path and climb down a rocky hill to get there and be sure to go when the tide is low so you can swim in the pools. We were randomly walking around doing some other hikes before we got there. The tide was just starting to get higher and the waves hitting the pools were starting to get bigger and bigger so we only went for a quick dip.