Home Technology

Our new apartment has some cool technical gadgets I want to show you. It starts off with our House Tablet a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 that has a pen to navigate. That’s great because it keeps off all the finger prints from the screen. We use it for almost everything. We watch Youtube on it, regulate the the Musik, have a view over our energy consumption and also over our finances.

This is a  System that measures the energy you use  in your household. With the Button we mounted right next to our entrance we can disconnect all electric devices plugged in with just one klick. Since most of the devises are plugged in even if your not using it you use and at the end pay for a lot of energy you don’t even really need. This technique is a great way to counteract that. Als you can check the app to see how much energy you’ve already used.

Men just seam to have a thing for technical gadgets. Just shortly after we moved in my Boyfriend showed up with this sound system for the whole apartment. We have a  speaker in every room and can regulate all sound via an app on our tablet. You can attache any TV, Computer, play off any sound system and regulate the volume of every room independently

Record player
If we’re not listening to music with Spotify we’re using our record player Lenco L-3808 that can also be controlled by the Sonos System. We have a thrift shop pretty close to our place where we got our first disks 🙂

We also use a finance app called Money control. If we buy something that concerns both of use we can type in who paid what, with which account and even take photos of the bills and save it all. At the end you have an overview of your monthly expenses and see if you owe someone money. We try to pay most of the stuff with our shared account but sometimes I’ll for instance buy a tablet online and pay it with my Credit Card. It’s great for things like that.

Let me know if you have some cool gadget you use at home!