Igor + André

Igor + André

Have you ever seen the illustrations of Igor + André. This guy is a Talent I had to show you these amazing drawings he made. Go check out is Blog if you want to see more! Enjoy your Monday.
xx Joy


  1. I love Igor+Anre! The drawings are always so wonderful. I also love your lace dress from the previous post. It’s gorgeous!

  2. wow!

  3. Wow!! Great illustrations!!

  4. amazing illustration !
    i love the 1st !

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    xx FashionGirl <3


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  5. love this!!! 😀

  6. Really nice ilustrations!

  7. Great drawings, this artist really has some talent 😀 Thanks for this fabulous artistical find !

  8. schööne nüä blog!! dä verfolg i doch gärn! danke für di kommentar.

    si super bilder, würklech es talent.
    alles liebe, fabienne