It’s more a Statement

Gosh, no idea how those international bloggers manage to update their blog so often. I’ve been traveling for almost two weeks and just managed to put one post online. I usually do 2-3 a week! I’m having a great time here in Amerika. After visiting friends in Portland, I went down to San diego with to visit an other friend and than went to LA again to an other friend. We did a day trip to hollywood and then we went down to Vegas for the weekend. What a crazy place! Today I’m finally back “home” got time to get my phone working (accidentally sim locked my phone) plus left my charger in san diego and my credit cards weren’t working. So I dealt with that today. In the afternoon we when to Newport beach, where lot’s of rich people live. So much fun to see these wonderful beach houses and slender through the stores at fashion Island. I have to go to sleep soon since where going to disney land tomorrow. WUHHUU.. dream come true! and than I’ll be flying again!

Any body remember the Jeremy Scott for Moschino fashion show? The reactions were pretty diverse, some loved it and the others hated it. I loved it! Not because it was so beautiful, but because this show was actually a reflection of our society. I had a good laugh and loved the fact, that not everyone was taking fashion so overly serious. After all it’s about fun and besides, cloth that are presented on a fashion show aren’t necessarily cloth your going to wear. It’s more a statement or an inspiration.

Photos by Michele
Top: Zara
Shorts:  Zara
Bag: Moschino by Jeremy Scot



  1. I still don’t understand this bag … is the master in any look it is…anyway…asking your question may be THEY have a stuff that work 7/7… Pics are fantastic…lovely neighborhood and confy style

    Melange-Boutique Blog by Noe&Lolita

  2. Beautiful, I love your bag 🙂

  3. That Moschino bag got sold out in a second! It’s soooo cool and you did great job styling the rest of outfit around it! 🙂

  4. Love the kitschy feel of the bag! Cool sandals too 🙂

  5. I love the light in these photos! And that red cami, it is such a beautiful colour on you. xx Jenelle

  6. I love the first shot! Personally I didn’t like the Moschino collection, but what you said had a point too. I guess you can never please everyone!

  7. I like the bag on you – the way you put together your outfit is perfect.