After about 1.5 weeks in Oahu we went over to Kauai. We whole plan was to do the Kalalau trail but unfortunately we didn’t get any permits. Lots of people told us we could just get dropped off at the end of the trail and do the hike backwards without a permit, but the swell was way to high in November, so nobody could really get close enough to the coast and drop us off.  We ended up just doing the first part of the hike which was nice.  Later we meet some locals while camping at polihale and they told us loads of stories about the trail and the people that live there.
Yes you heard right we went camping on kauai, not in a tent but in a car. Basically what happened is, I got really upset about the car rental because the price was supposed to be 100.- with fees and taxes it turned into 150.- which I thought was okay but when I picked it up they said I  needed insurance and the total would be 350 dollars! I got really angry because 100.- turned into 350.-. I made a big deal out! It’s not really about the money, It’s more about advertising  one price than billing dopple or even tripple the price! They could have just advertised 350.- and I would habe been absolutely fine with it.
I walked away  and was thinking of what to do and than the car rental lady came up to us and asked: “Are you guys camping?” Obvioulsy we were. She told us to book the cheapest car and she would give us a bigger one that we could even sleep in. She gave us a gigantic  van and we endend up beeing very happy about it, especially in the stormy rainy nights.

we mostly cruise around with our car, slept wherever whenever we felt like. We had a tiny little  gas cooker that tooks us like a hour to make mac and chees or rice. We showered at the beaches when ever we felt like it, and mostly just chilled and surfed at the beach and drove around the island. One of the most amazing campings we went to was polihale. Stunning beach and hardly a person around because you have to drive down a very, very long dirty bumpy road. We meet some cool locals, sat around the fire, had beer and watched the moon rise.
We also went skydiving, this was the first time in my life but for some reason I never really got scared of had adrenalin. It’s just so surreal to jump out of a plane. I think I would have been more scared to jump from a 10 meter wall. On our very last day in Kauai we did a boat tour to see the Napali coast (only accessible by foot-kalalau trail) the weather was amazing, we saw dolphins again and swam with sea turtles. The tours are expensive but I would totally recommend them anyway. It’s kind of the thing to do.