Keep an eye on it

I got this Logitech Circle surveillance camera the day I got home from Hawaii. I was only in Switzerland for 24 hours before I left for India. Since it’s really easy to set up, I just plugged it in, connected it with my phone and left. When I got to India, I opened the app to see if anyone was in my room. I can’t believe that 3 people walked in only one day after I have left. My dad cleaning the room, my mom putting my plants back and my sister sneaking in to find something! I have sent them the video with no comment which made them realize that I saw everything! Nobody ever came in my room again.

EXCEPT my little brother who thought it was hilarious to put his super stinky sport clothing in my room.

Than he sent me a message:” How’s your camera doing!” I had to laugh so hard. The next day my other brother’s girlfriend walked in wearing my clothes!!

I wish I was checking my app, when It was happening live, because you can talk to the people over the camera like: “HEYY are you wearing my clothes?!” That would have been too funny!

Or imagine I was watching my dad cleaning my room and before he left I’d say: “Thank you” –  He would have been so surprised!


p.s I’m sure you can tell I cleaned up my room after I got home from India. Doesn’t look as messy as in the surveillance video. Although to be honest I am more the messy person.


  1. Love this post

  2. Haha that’s so funny! I love this.