Love Dress

Love Dress

 Hello Sweat hearts – Yeah that’s a hell of a dress I’m wearing and it’s all made of paper. A Friend of mine made it for an Art project and somehow convinced me to wear this at the exhibition.  We’ll anyway that’s one of the things I was up to this weekend. I’m also working on an art project, trying to make some kind of android-robot-lady. I’m having the shooting today, and then I’ll probably be editing 3 days strait. I hope this turns out good.


  1. Wahnsinnskleid! Ich bin sehr gespannt auf die “Robot/Android”-Bilder, weil das ein Thema ist, dass mir zusagt.

  2. WOW! This is amazing!


  3. you’ve got a really talented friend! that’s an awesome project!

  4. I like ur blog! keep on posting haha:)