Loving the new Gucci

I always found that Gucci was a very cheesy brand! Fake bags were all over  the black market and nobody that was really cool actually wore gucci. But since Gucci’s new creative director, Alessandro Michele my mind has changed. In just one season he managed to transform Gucci into one of the hippest brands, which I think is an admirable achievement!  He keept the identity of Gucci but gave it a surprisingly fresh touch!

And because I was so inspired by it, I felt the need to share the Gucci campaign images. I love how it tells a story and it isn’t just randomly beautiful. The models aren’t posing for the camera and the look’s aren’t presented perfectly. They’re just snap shots out of the life of these cool kids and that’s what I really like.


  1. I love the new gucci campaign!!!

  2. I love the new Gucci campaign. Want to get myself the Dionysus bag!

  3. So in love wit this campaign !