Hello, hello how are you all? If you ‘ve been following me on Instagram, you’ll know I’ve been quite busy lately! I just started a new Job (YEAH !) and till than I killed time with a few short trips. First I visited my friend in Holland for a few days. Than Michele and I went to Marrakech and after that to Berlin for fashion week.
You can imagine that when two bloggers travel together, it means one million photos. Unfortunately my DSLR recently broke, while I was trying to take pictures of stars. My tripod accidentally fell, so I had to use my Olympus pen-F for my Marrakech trip. It’s actually a really great camera for travel since it’s super small and has all the functions a DSLR has. I only have a 50mm on it, so I also used my Iphone to take the wide angled photos.
But for the last weeks my favorite little toy has been the Instax Mini I recently got at I’m sure you all know this Instant  camera! It’s such a blast to take photos and I absolutely love the look of it.
Since we took way to many pictures of Marrakech here’s part 1! We did quite a research about all the hotspots, favorite riads and restaurants and visited almost all of them. It was a lot of fun to see all these amazing places, I didn’t see the first time I travelled to Marrakech.

Ryad Dyor
We stayed at the Ryad Dyor, a very nice and sweet Riad. We’ll actually all Riads in Marrakech are amazing. This one is a little more expensive, but you can tell the quality of design, decor and wifi and those things are really good and the service as well.
Mederasa Ben Youssef
This is an old koran school hidden somewhere between the little streets of the Medina. Truly beautiful and a must see when visiting the city.
Le Riad Yasmin
This is one of the famous Instagram Riads. I talked to one of the guys that worked their and found out that they’re always fully booked since a famous blogger had share some photos on Instagram. I don’t know who started it, but I’ve also seen it quite a few times ( Ohhcouture, Gypsea lust, angelica blick)
Riad Jardin Secret
Same story with this Riad, it’s always booked now because of the bloggers.  The owner is the most sweetest loveliest french woman. She’s totally into art, creativity, music and culture and loves to have those kind of guests. You can also tell by how it’s decorated. This is also a really a special Riad since the carvings are about 100 years old.
Shopping in the Medina is the best but be ready to bargain like crazy. Unfortunately this time we hardly went into the souks but now that I’m moving into my new apartment soon, I really want to go back to buy carpets, pillows, hammam towls, blanks and all that kind of stuff.
Le Jardin 
This is a very famous restaurant in Marrakech. Actually Le Jardin, Nomad and L’epice all belong to the same guy. We got to meet the two brothers and wer invited too their homes, which was a fun experience since we got to see how they live.
Masion de la photographie
This is a sweet little museum to visit but honestly the best part is the roof top restaurant.
Atay cafe
This is where we had dinner the first night we came. Very nice roof top and great Moroccan food. I had the veggie Tajin.


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  2. Wow! Such a beautiful place and wonderful photo diary!

  3. Love the photos, Marrakech sounds amazing!