My Closet

My Closet

I buy most of my cloth in H&M but I was wondering how many percent of my closet that would be. I thought it would be interesting to do a statistic about it.  Just for the fun of it I guess. Here it is!! So what do you think. Where do you buy most of you stuff? If any of you decide to do a statistic too, please share 😉


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  2. Fashion pie chart! Love it! <3

  3. haha thats a lot! how did you do this chart?

  4. Ha ha… that´s a really cool idea! I have to do the same right now… 😉
    I also have a lot of H&M clothes and Vero Moda…

  5. I also have lots of clothes from H&M and River Island.Really like it. xx

  6. what a lovely concept I’m sure 75% of my stuff is vintage


  7. i did a calculation of brands in my closet for a communication project recently as well. man do i love free people

  8. Funny (true) picture! I love H&M. I´ve got lots of things from it.

  9. Das würde bei mir sehr lange dauern, aber es interessiert mich schon sehr.. Vielleicht mache ich es ja mal. 🙂 Auf jeden Fall ist das eine coole Idee!

  10. happy new yearrrr! freakin awesome!