NYFW Day 4

NYFW Day 4

 (pictures by Andrea)
Zara pants and bouse, Margiela for H&M shoes and Alexander Wang Bag,  (pictures by Andrea)

Yesterday was an other big day.  It started of with the DKNY show downtown New York, where I finally got to see Cara Delevingne live for the first time. I think she’s super cool and one of the photographers that shot here for a campaign told me, that she’s just really fun to hang out. That’s probably why she got so famous, besides her amazing look. 
Andrea and I also spotted Anna Wintour and Vanessa Hudgens at the back entrance of Diana von Fürstenberg show.
In de Evening we went down to Soho for some shopping, but honestly my feet were killing! So we ended up in a cute Restaurant for Dinner. 

 Vanessa Hudgens who I find very pretty
 Anna Wintour
Diana von Fürstenberg
 and Tadaaa Cara Delevingne

You can see all the looks in the video


  1. Gosh I really want your life!!! So jealous that you’re at NYFW! Have fun for the rest of us who can’t be there!!


  2. Lucky to be there,wasn´t it a bit cold outside? But I still love your minimalistic but very cool outfit 🙂 Hope you´re enjoying NYFW.


  3. Well done!