This Jacket actually reminds me of those Scottish skirts they wear. It has like this girlie poncho thing to it that I like. 
I’ve got a question for you. My mom always says: “why do you post outfits all the time, doesn’t that get boring?” Well actually I also write about Berlin, London or Paris fashion week when I go or other stuff once in a while. But I have the feeling most of you are not so interested in that. So what are you interested in? Or what are you missing? I would Love to hear from you.


  1. Nice style, great pics, lovely blog! Im so following you.


    El Guardarropa de yOka

  2. anything! do you ever write about your personal life? 🙂

  3. lovely outfit!! I love your jacket and your picture!! if you want, check and follow me on my blog.
    have a nice week <3

  4. love the jacket& Outfit combination!So beautiful!!!
    You have such a wonderful style!!!

    xx Dani

  5. Die Schuhe sind super.