Silver Version

Silver Version

shirt Zara, shoes Sam Edelmann Lorissa, necklace vintage
I didn’t plan on making a silver outfit post after my golden one. I actually just realized, while I was uploading. I’m wearing the silver necklace again, which you can also find two posts down, but I like this version way more. You can’t really tell but these tights are kind of glittery and yes I am one of those girls who needs everything that glitters and sparkles. So know my question for you: What do you prefer, the golden or Silver outfit?


  1. I love your shoes there amazing!
    You have a great blog. X 🙂

  2. Great necklace. Love your blog!

  3. love that blouse and have those shoes!

    your outfit is chic!!

    follow me too =)

  4. amazing blog,followed!

  5. Me encantan los zapatos!! Son preciosos!
    Un beso.

  6. Beauty!

  7. gorgeous necklace!

  8. very nice necklace 🙂

  9. das obertail wotich au. aber tschue sind afach de killer <3

  10. depends.. i think you look great in both though.. envious!!