Sunday Attire

Sitting here on the couch of my own apartment after a day full of cleaning, organizing stuff and my jet lagged boyfriend who’s now been sleeping for the last 5-6 hours and its only 9pm. It’s been pretty natural to move in and live here. I never felt like: “Oh this is it: ” I’m so grown up now” or what ever feeling you expect. I just live here and that’s it. No emotions or anything. But I can be pretty unemotional with those kind of things. Just like the time I went sky diving. I just did it, but never a second felt scared or anything. I literally had no emotion at all, i just jumped- that’s it.Anyways back to my apartment, I promise to show you guys photos but you know “it’s just not finished yet”  then again, It probably never will be. – So just stay tuned.

Todays look is from last Sunday when I was shooting Anja. We did this super cool Mafia shooting in an Italian restaurant. Can’t wait to see the post!
While shooting I like to wear something comfortable so I can move and do stuff. That Sunday I wore a look from NILE which has a story in our city  Winterthur. They’re actually all over the country though and one of the few Swiss Brands that still exists, besides the super luxury brands like Bally and Akris. NILE is in a more normal price segment not super expensive but also not super cheap like H&M. I actually got to meet them shortly in Zürich. They put a lot of thought into details and are very precise with whom they work with. I think that’s really important and also to support local brands. That’s why I’m sharing this look with you today. By the way also have a look at Micheles cool look  from NILE! Have a great week.
Xx Joy




  1. Perfectly comfy and such a cool outfit! I like your jacket and kicks very much!

  2. So än schönä Lool 😍