Swiss Fashionbloggers at the new opening

Swiss Fashionbloggers at the new opening

Tamara and me
Thursday morning I read the newspaper and saw that Schild had their new opening to night. It was fantastic! First of all my boss let me go earlier so I would be on time and then I met lots of blogger friends! We had the best time ever. Schild organized a fashion show through the new store but it was so crowded that you could hardly see where the models were walking. I couldn’t really see what the store looked like I’ll have to go next time I’m in Zürich.
xx Joy


  1. Pictures look great – I bet it was a lot of fun 🙂


  2. Schinsch viel spass z ka ha =).

    Hesch e tolle Blog, werd ab jetzt öfters vorbei luege

  3. Salüüü:)
    Jo han eigendli 2 Blogs ezze, aber schriibe duni hauptsächlich nur no uf 🙂
    D’bilder sind super usecho, danke vill mal!! Ond din Blog esch au mega toll, komplimänt:))

    Besito, Tamara

  4. juhui fröiemi uf dini witere posts und merci fürs feedback vo mim neu header! =) kussi

  5. Looks cool and fun 🙂


  6. ooh la la it looks an amazing night!!
    super fashion!!! lovely outfit!
    hope you’ll follow me so i’ll do the same!

  7. dein blog verdient mehr aufmerksamkeit und leser.


  8. love it love it love it! :D:D
    amazing post!
    very nice blog!



  9. die fotene hani na garnid gse..hani verpasst.
    sind schön worde und gset super us..het au wele ga 🙁
    ja sicher machich dir so e frisur 🙂 musch nur sege wen 😀