Balkan Roadtrip – first stop Venice

Wuhuuu finally got the time to edit all my photos from our Balkan road trip. I had no Idea how to sort the photos and where to start cause there is quite a lot the gets together in 3 weeks. Initially I wanted a post with the exact rout and photos to every single spot. But I have so many pictures to the single spots that I decided to  dedicate a post to every bigger place.
Our first route was Zürich-Venice. The path took us straight trough the beautiful Swiss mountains. They never ceases to amaze me, especially on a sunny day like we had. Our camping in Venice was actually just a big parking lot in Venice itself. Nothing particularly romantic but therefor right in the center. It had water, electricity and was right on the coast where all the cruise ships came in, so we were totally fine with that.
Venice is so adorable, it’s just like disney land but in real life. Sometimes I imagine what it would be like if you visited Venice before photography existed and you had no Idea what to expect. I think then, it would totally blow away your mind, wouldn’t it? It’s actually so special and different from anything you know, but at the same time, you’ve already seen so many pictures it takes away the surprise. Of course it’s still absolutely beautiful, no doubt about that.  We strolled throught the streets, had  dinner at a restaurant right next to the canal and than had our first night sleep in the tent on the roof of our car.