Weekend in Tirol

Snap shots from my wellness weekend in Tirol with Anja. The plan was to have a girly weekend with our pregnant friend before she has her baby. Unfortunately she’s expecting her baby earlier so she didn’t want to risk anything. Stanglwirt, the hotel we stayed at in Austria had a crazy view to the mountains. Hotel isn’t exactly the right word for this place, because it’s so big and has everything you can imagine. Starting with a huge wellness area  including sauna, out and indoor pools, waterfalls and loads of different relaxing zones and so on. It also has about 4 indoor and outdoor tennis courts, indoor and outdoor horse riding. quite a view different restaurants, stores and probably a lot more I didn’t even get see.  We actually got lost in the Hotel quite a lot, but that was kind of fun. We had a fantastic room, probably bigger than most apartments in Zürich.  Even though it’s so big, it’s easy to feel at home. The people that work their are so nice and the whole atmosphere is very cosy and down to earth. Probably one of the reasons so many celebrities come here. We took benefit of Anjas Samsung 7s edge phone, which can take photos underwater. This took the selfie game to a whole new level!