Your my Valentine

Since it’s valentines day and we just celebrated our 8th year anniversary on February the 9th, I’ll use this occasion to share our little photo shooting we did around christmas time.
I’ve been wanting to take photos with my boyfriend since years. We hardly have any together because other than me, he’s rather camera shy. But since I’m all about cameras and pictures, having photos with him is important to me.
My dear friend Anja was so nice to to do this wonderful shooting with us. Thank you so much!! I’m so happy and love how they turned out. I also can’t wait to hang them up in our new apartment.  New apartment, you heard it! We’re finally moving together. I’m totally into interior design right now, going through all those Pinterest pictures and online shops. It’s taking me forever to decide what furniture I want, but I love it.

Be ready for loads of interior design post in spring! You can check out my Pinterest if you want. It’s a huge mess  though and doesn’t make sense to the public. It’s more for myself.


  1. Awwww, such a beautiful photos!!! Love the vibe, the location and the affection which is bursting everywhere. 🙂