Busy Life

I back to school and normal life. We’re currently preparing everything to do a film coverage of the Zürich Film Festival in a few Weeks. Cate Blanchet, Antonio Banderas and Liam Neeson will be coming so I’m hoping to get some shots of them. Although ZFF is really cool it also means working for two weeks straight. Everyday I get of of school I’ll be working at my photo editing job.  If I find time I also hope to go see many movies and go to some talks with people from the industries.

Right after that finishes our class flies to London for some social media stuff, but secretly I hope to find some time to go shopping. London is one of my favorite cities, probably because that’s where I had my first fashion week experience ever and that was so impressive. No fashion week will ever be as good as the very first one. It just blows your mind away.  Especially in London where everyone is dress so crazy, I felt like an absolut looser.

To the look, there is not much to say, This was shot pretty much after I had gotten this Alexander Wang bag during sale. (50% off, what a deal right). As you can see I was trying to adapt my look to the bag, now I just wear it with everything, I feel like it also works.

Photos by Michele
Shirt: Iro
Shorts : Zara
Bag: Alexander Wang
Shoes: Dosenbach
Sunnies:  Max Mara
Necklace: H&M


  1. Fabulous bag and necklace! You look so pretty! 🙂


  2. Great look! Love the bag! I hope I will find time to visit Zurich FF this year!

  3. Such a nice everyday look! Love those shoes. Good luck preparing for the film fest- and have a great weekend! xo

  4. Amazing look! I love your bag and the colour combination!

    Kisses ♥ Joana

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  5. Love the colour palette of this look!


  6. Great necklace! The whole outfit has an amazing color combo. Just perfect!