Maxi Dress

This was one of the rare weekends, that I actually had no agenda besides taking some photos for the blog. I didn’t have to work and my boyfriend is in NY so I had two entire days to myself. First of all I had to clean up since it was a huge mess. I realized that one of the reasons is because I can’t fit all my jackets in the closet so I had to find a temporary solution till I find time to go to Ikea.
But it feels great to have a clean room again. The only problem left are these damn mosquitos biting me all night. The next morning I’ll find them chilling on the wall right next to me. Every night when I think, now I’m defiantly rid of them, theirs still one little mosquito left. Mosquitos sprays and candles are useless. I’m starting to look like I have chickenpox
We now also have Netflix in Switzerland so I’ve been looking breaking bad on my Iphone all Saturday and on Sundays I payed some bills, did my home work and edited blog photos. What did you do this Weekend?

Photos my Michele
Dress: Dry Lake
Jacket: Maje
Shoes: Bata
Bag: Prada


  1. What a fun print! The pairing with the jacket makes it such a perfect Fall outfit 🙂

  2. Great look, perfect for late summer and early fall!

    Rona from threepinkcats